What does an OHS or WHS manager do?

Last updated: 2024-02-08

The Occupational Health and Safety Manager (OHS or WHS manager, or Safety officer) ensures compliance of company processes with legislative requirements in the field of occupational safety and health at the workplace. He or she ensures that the company meets the OHS requirements, that they are translated into company processes by means of policies, work procedures and other documents, and that these processes are properly implemented. They are therefore also in charge of managing health and safety risks and their responsibilities include reporting compliance, and dealing with authorities.

Typical job description of an OHS manager

  • monitors changes in OHS requirements
  • prepares reporting on OHS compliance management
  • designs and implements the organization's OHS compliance program (processes and regulations)
  • communicates with authorities regarding OHS
  • develops corporate communication on OHS compliance
  • coordinates and schedules required OHS compliance training
  • ensures and manages OHS compliance processes
  • provides OHS training internally
  • manages corrective and preventive actions resulting from workplace health hazards or violations
  • responsible for recording and handling workplace incidents