What is workplace inspection checklist

Last updated: 2023-07-17
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workplace inspection checklist is a list of all activities needed to be performed to ensure workplace compliance with regulatory requirements, specifically with OHS requirements, industry standards, internal company standards or other business specifications. A workplace inspection checklist is an assurance that a workplace has been inspected or prepared properly.

Workplace inspection checklist is an essential tool for onboarding process as well as for OHS inspections. Workplace inspection checklists help assess the compliance of a workplace with its standards. Using a workplace inspection checklist ensures that the workplace goes through a detailed and documented evaluation. Once the inspection has been completed, with the help of a checklist, the workplace is ready for use. Aside from compliance, workplace inspection checklists are also used to validate the safety of the workplace (OHS).

What is included in the workplace inspection checklist

A workplace inspection checklist contains what is needed to ensure the compliance with requirements. As an example here is what the workplace inspection checklist should include: 

  • Anti-Noise and ergonomic equipment of the workplace eliminating such hazards
  • Room equipment needed for the work (e.g. chairs, tables, computer, tools)
  • Personal protective equipment (e.g. safety footwear, safety glasses, respirators)
  • Falls or slip protection
  • Fire protection equipment 
  • Electrical protection  hazards of the workplace
  • Walkways protection (e.g. ramps, docks, car traffic)
  • Hazardous product workplace protection

Safety inspection checklists are essential for every workplace, or every job, and can be used for general safety audits or the preparation of the workplace. If it entails all critical items that are sensitive to employee safety and security on the workplace, the inspection process will be beneficial in promoting employee protection and standardization of work practices. 

How the workplace inspection checklist works?

  • As each item on the checklist is ticked off, the person doing the inspection verifies that each workplace requirement is in correct working order.