How to use branch office organizer

Last updated: 2023-02-16
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Branch organizer is intended for company management, HR professionals, office managers or facility managers. It is designed for companies that operate in multiple locations or office branches.

Managing of all your office branches

You can track and manager here all information regarding your local or satellite office branches. You keep detailed information for each of them, for example, parking lots, cost centers, branch equipment, list of workers, rent-related information, inspections, energy management or the security-related information. If you have more buildings in your office branches, use the building or room organizer along with your office branch organizer. 

  • Branch name or designation
  • Building revisions for each branch 
  • All office branch related documentation or contracts in one place
  • Branch equipment (buildings, electrical equipment, circuit breakers, chimneys, elevators, fire extinguishers)
  • Energy and utility management of the office branch (electricity, gas,water)
  • Any other branch related information
Organizing company office branches