Who is branch manager

Last updated: 2023-02-13

A Branch Manager is hired to fully run a regional office, branch office. He is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all operations of a branch office. Branch managers are typically responsible for all of the functions of that branch office, including managing resources, facilities,  office management, hiring employees, delivering customer service, branch revenues, marketing  and ensuring that the branch meets its goals and objectives.  The scope of a branch manager is pretty wide. 

Usual scope of work responsibilities and job description of a branch manager

  • takes care of the running of the branch office and the back office processes
  • partially replaces HR managers, responsible for hiring and managing people
  • dealing with the branch office's suppliers and vendors
  • manages branch office's premises, facilities and equipment
  • manages contracts related to the branch office
  • manages business needs of the branch
  • manages all facilities related to the branch office
  • manages utilities related to the branch office

In Aptien, the branch manager has an organizer to manage the branch.