How to manage branch office

Last updated: 2024-04-24

What is branch office

A Branch office is a separated location from the main office or headquarters. It is a satellite operation where the business is conducted. Branch offices are established and maintained by a company for many different reasons, most often are:

  • Physical presence of the company in a particular location (e.g. town, city, state, country)
  • Local support for customers
  • Local support or office for employees

Some of the operations and activities of the branch offices may be autonomous, some not. It depends on the situation, nature of the business and company policies and strategy. Most branch offices differ from headquarter, in some aspects of management, especially if branches are in different countries. Differences are in local marketing activities, HR management and recruitment, may have different vendors or may duifferently manage its facilities and office. On the other hand, some aspects are usually centralised such as branding, digital marketing, HR strategy, and so. 

Branch offices are usually managed by the branch manager