How to take notes and share them

Last updated: 2021-06-02
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Notes are used to record ideas

Use notes to record your thoughts and ideas, so you don't forget them. You can create a note for an item or as a general note.


General note

You can create a note using the big plus sign in the top left corner or from the notes tab in the left menu.

Item's note

Go to the item's tab and select the "Notes" tab. Click on the big plus sign to add a note.

Primarily you will set the note as your private note, i.e., no other user will see it.

item note

Sharing notes

You can make a private note into a shared note (using "Share") or simply add a colleague using plus.

The note will be accessible to selected users or a group of users.

From both categories of notes, you can create a task whose attributes (due date, comment, attachments, tags) can then be added.

You can easily format the text in the note after marking it.

You can see an overview of all your notes on your homepage. Notes are divided into My (private), Shared (created by me), and Following (created by another user, I was added as a follower). The order for My and Shared notes can be changed using drag and drop, and you can even move them between the two states.

shared note