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Last updated: 2022-10-13
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Shared Notes are the tool for brain-storming

Shared Notes are those that you share with your colleagues or your colleagues share with you. Shared Notes will be only visible to those people that are added to them. Therefore, all of you can see the same notes and comment on them. It is impossible to lose any detail at any time using this system.

Any note can be linked to any item in the system. For example, a specific work order, customer, colleague, or anything else you have in your system. You do not have to remember where you put your notes, you will always find them in the same place.

Where can you find shared Notes?

You can find shared notes in the list of 'Notes' in the Notes tab. All shared Notes are displayed on the right side, in a purple column called 'Shared'. Both, Notes you share and Notes shared with you, will be in this place.

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