What is the difference between a employee report and request

Last updated: 2024-02-25

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What is the difference between requests and notices

Employee notifications or reports

The employees use notices (reports) for events that happened, and it is their responsibility to report it to their employer. (eg. Work incident report). The report is recorded thanks to the form, and the process can continue smoothly. For example, an accident report, an immediate medical exam, a work incident, and so on. These reports do not go through the approval process but are recorded by the system, and the responsible people are notified about this notice.

Employee requests

Employees ask for approval using the requests feature. These forms are intended for requests that require approval by the responsible people. It is a simple workflow. For example, a purchase request, an order request, a holiday request, and so on. The request goes through a successive approval process where selected managers approve the request one after the other or a parallel approval process where all the selected managers can approve the request at once.

difference between employee report and request