How to create a task for your supplier

Last updated: 2022-03-02

Why create tasks for suppliers

With Aptien tasks, you won't get lost in the discussion like you do in email and avoid the annoying RE:RE:RE:. You can also upload attachments to the task, making everything safer than sending it via mail. All the information will be centralized in your company so you will always know where to look for it.

How to create tasks for suppliers

First, you need to add contractor access to the project if you haven't already done so. You can find instructions here.

Now you can create a task for the supplier representative on the project tab.

  • Go to Projects
  • Open the project that you share with the supplier's representative and where you want to create a task for the representative
  • Open the "Tasks" tab
  • Click on the blue "+ New Task" button
  • Fill in the title, e.g. "Delivery of materials for construction"
  • Fill in a brief or detailed description of what is to be done or what the result is to be
  • Select a date for completion of the task
  • Click on "Change" in the responsible person row and select the supplier's representative (guest)
  • Add colleagues to monitor to keep track of the status of the task
  • Upload an attachment if needed
  • Click "Continue" to complete the task creation

What the supplier sees

The supplier's representative sees the following information in the task:

  • Task name
  • Who is responsible
  • Who created the task and when
  • What is the status of the task - they can change it
  • Task deadline
  • Percentage completion - they can change it
  • Task description
  • Comments
  • Attachments
  • Tags