Folders for Attachments

Last updated: 2021-10-11
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You can sort Attachments into folders, which help for a straightforward arrangement

Folders for Attachments help with sorting and saving Attachments. The administrator can set up these folders for each Organizer. The administrator can also set access rights for each folder separately. This prevents unauthorized access to information (Attachments) in selected folders and makes them invisible for unauthorized users. For example, only Recruiters have access to the "CVs" folder. 

You use folders for Attachments if you want to sort documents or if you want to give access to specific roles only. 

You can also give access to folders to external people who are using the Extranet (guests). You can set which folders the guests see. Therefore, you can use folders for Attachments for invited guests and give them access to only certain documents.

What folders can I see as a user?

You can only see folders that you have access rights to.

folders for attachments