Last updated: 2021-10-11
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Watchdogs can bring attention not only to important dates but also anything else

When you need to keep a deadline,  be reminded of an employee birthday, the end date of warranties, or be reminded of changing any information in the system, you can use Watchdogs.

You can set them for practically anything. It does not matter if you need to be reminded of the end date of a legal contract, employee or customer birthday, or approved invoice. The Watchdog will also send you an email to your Inbox; therefore, you cannot miss anything.

watchdogs overview

What are Watchdogs used for most often?

  • The end date of a contract
  • Training, audit, or inspection dates
  • Change of ID number
  • Birthdays of your colleagues
  • The end date of technical inspections for company cars
  • The end date of first-aid-kit validity
  • Doctor's appointments

You can set a Watchdog for any detail (field).

What kind of notification can you set?

  • Notification on a specific day
  • Recurrent notification
  • Change of value notification
  • Notification based on the value
  • Anniversary notification

In every Watchdog's settings, you can set which colleagues the Watchdog will notify. In case the watched activity will lead to some action, it is good to create a Task for those responsible.