How is data secured

Last updated: 2022-08-03
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The security of your data is important to us

Aptien is also a cloud application, it is run in a private enterprise and secure cloud.

Data is only stored on the server, it is not on your device. Therefore, your data will not be lost even if you lose your computer. They are safe and backed up on a server in our cloud. The data transfer between your computer and the storage is secured using encryption (SSL). This ensures that no one else but you can get to it. 

Data permissions are controlled by the administrator

As the administrator, only you have 100% control over who has access to what data. However, to maintain security, it is important that each user has a strong password and keeps it secret. Revealing your password or not having one can put your data at risk.

Each customer has a separate database

Each customer has a separate database. So it's not just an account in a shared cloud storage. Everything is taken care of by us as part of your subscription. However, if you don't want to for various reasons, you can also run it on your own servers.

Three layers of security  

You don't have to worry about running servers, paying experts, and thus increasing your costs. We provide all this. Your data is safely isolated from that of other clients, and thus a high level of security is guaranteed. 

Security in the data center

The data center takes care of physical security. It ensures that nothing can happen to the servers or the disks on which your data is stored. For example, it ensures that servers cannot burn out, be washed away, or even stolen. Few companies can build the level of security that professional data centers have. No one in the data center knows which specific clients they are hosting. 

Data centers make sure you don't lose your data. They provide physical security - for example, protection against accidents and natural disasters such as fire, flood, theft, or other possible destruction of servers or disks within them. Servers are safe in the data center. They also provide cybersecurity, such as protection against various attacks from the Internet (such as a DDoS attack). 

Virtual server security

The virtual server takes care of performance. We manage the virtual servers ourselves and can therefore guarantee their operation. We use VMware or Hyper-V. The data center provider does not have access to the virtual server, their role ends with providing us with computing power and storage. Because your database on the virtual server is encrypted, we don't have access to your data either.

Application security

The application protects data at the user level. Only you and your users, i.e., those to whom you have granted permissions, have access to your data. The communication between your computers and the server (the data that is currently being transferred) is protected by encryption (HTTPS), the database with the data (the data that is stored on the server) is also encrypted. So everything is in your hands.

The choice of the server where your data will be stored is subject to the location being convenient for you - our clients. Your data is therefore placed in a way that is as close to you as possible and also that its location meets the legal requirements. This is why European customer data is always located in Europe. 

Security certification of our data centers

The data centers we use have the following certifications for their operation:

  • AICPA SOC Reports
  • HIPAA Certifications
  • ISO 27000
  • NIST 800-53
  • PCI DSS Certification
  • TIA 942
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