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Last updated: 2024-03-18
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This article is intended for office users, i.e. for administrative workers whose work takes place primarily behind a computer.

Ordinary employees use Aptien differently, to communicate between them and the company, and work more from their mobile phones. They therefore have a simplified environment - an intranet and employee self-service.

Office worker's desktop

To help you navigate your work in Aptien, take a look at what you can find and how to work where.

The Left menu is your reference pointHere you will find information that is relevant to your work. Abovein the coloured tabs, you can see all the records that result from your job role. On the right, you see a window for chat and direct communication with colleagues. In the middle, is your main working area. 

Take a look at where you work and where to find things within Aptien.

manager and administrative worker workspace

You can find information for your work in the left-hand side menu

The left menu is your anchoring point. You will find all the important pieces of information for your work there. In the Notifications inbox, you will find alerts from the system. In the Tasks overview, you will find all of your tasks and the tasks you are in as a follower. You will find information for yourself only and information available for the entire company.

Your workspace

Your workspace is named by your job title or by the role you have in the system. After you click on this "role name" you can see the dashboard in the middle of the screen. This dashboard you can set up for your personal needs. You can see your favorite organizers, history, What's hot, and so on.  If you have more than one role in Aptien, you can set up a unique dashboard for any of them. Switching between roles is available by clicking on the "role name". 

All information you need in one place

  • Notifications inbox - all important information comes here. For example, your tasks, information from watchdogs, messages from other users, or system information.
  • Calendar - in the calendar are shown events, terms, appointments, notes. You can add your outside calendar, for example "google calendar" to have all information in one place
  • Notes  - here are your notes. In Aptien, you can have personal notes, or you can share them with selected users
  • Tasks In Tasks you will see all the tasks you are in charge of and also those where you are set as a follower 
  • Activities - in this place, you can find the history of all you have done on the system. For example, if you added a comment to a task or note, deleted something, added a record etc. 
  • Watchdogs - here, you can see all of your active watchdogs. You can sort them, customize them or switch them off. 
  • Favorites  - if you have favorite items and have marked them in any organizer using the star, this is the place where you can find them all together.
  • Reports - an overview of all the reports you have ever generated, including activity plans
  • Requests - for leave requests, doctor's appointment notifications, requests for new work equipment, etc. 
  • About me - is your personal folder where you can see all your information and connections
  • Policy portal - contains important company documents, guidelines and work procedures

Company-wide information

  • Wall - you will find shared information on the wall that can be seen by the whole company in the form of posts, like a notice board.
  • Colleagues - you will find the overview of your colleagues and their contact information here.
left menu

You can see other users on the right side of the screen and chat with them

In the bar on the right side of your screen you can see all your colleagues and collaborators who also work with the system. You can see whether they are logged in or not. You can send a private message to each of them via chat, which only you two can see as participants in the discussion. The messages are secure. If someone writes to you and you are not logged into the system, you will get a notification in your mail. 

If one of your colleagues is offline, it's okay. The message that you're writing to them will be delivered to their inbox.