How to create equipment inventory list

Last updated: 2023-09-21
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How to create an equipment inventory list?

You can create an equipment inventory list either for a specific worker (inventory list of assigned property or equipment) or you can create the list for a room, building or part of a building. In Aptien, you get an inventory list from individual property records or at the start of the inventory process.

Room equipment inventory list 

  • You get the room equipment inventory when you start the room inventory process
  • You can also get the inventory list on a non-committal basis using the report on any equipment organizer (e.g. Tools organizer)

Employee's equipment inventory list

  • You get an employee's equipment inventory list when you start the employee inventory process 
  • Each employee sees his own inventory list of assigned equipment in his personal folder
  • HR managers and supervisors see see inventory lists in employees' personal folders