How to add a new user

Last updated: 2021-11-02
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You have to be in the administrator role to add a new user.

How to do it

Click the "+ Add New User" button under all users on the right side in the chat.

Then specify what type of user you want to create, whether the new user is from your company or if they will only have access to individual information as a guest:

  • An office user is a standard user who works with the full version of the system
  • Intranet user is for regular employees and has a personal self-service and intranet 
  • The guest user is mainly for external staff and only has access to selected information in the form of an extranet. He/she has no access to any information other than that which you manually share with him/her (specific items, tasks, notes, minutes, etc.)

Insert name. If it appears in the search whilst typing it in, select it.

Fill out the form and then save it by clicking "Save" at the bottom.

add new user

Adding a new user from the administration

The second option you have as a system administrator is to add a new user from Administration. There is also the option to bulk manage and add users.