How to manage user accounts

Last updated: 2023-02-16
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This article is for administrators only.

What an administrator can set

Users are managed by the administrator in the Administration under the "Users" tab, where you can see a list of all users and their user accounts. As the administrator you can for each user: 

  • Change the username (email)
  • Send or set a new password for a user
  • Change the assigned user license
  • Add new users
  • Delete users

How to change a username

Each user account is automatically linked to an employee record. You can see the first and last name on the user account header. 

For each user, you can edit the email that serves as the username. Keep in mind that when you change a user's username, you must let them know so they can log in. Therefore, change the username only when absolutely necessary, every change of username will change the email address in the employee record. 

change username

How to add a new user

As an Aptien system administrator, you can create a new user at any time. You can invite a colleague in the Administration, where you can find the "Add user" button in the "Users" section. If you need to add more users, use the "Add more users" option. Note that a user is always connected to a specific employee, if you don't have this employee in records, the system will add this record when you add a new user. In other words, not all employees need to be users of the system. 

How to add one user

  1. Select "Add User" from the menu
  2. Select the type of user you want to add
  3. Start typing his/her first and last name (use the whisperer). Either the person already exists in the system and then you whisper or he doesn't exist and then you create them
  4. Enter the email address he/she will log in with
  5. Next, assign the new user a role (i.e. a set of permissions in terms of accessing and working with data in Aptien) or permissions to access individual organizers
  6. If necessary, enter a message and create the user

Once the user is saved, Aptien will automatically send an invitation email to the new user (if you want to add the email text, enter it within the user details). You can cancel the email invitation option in the "Invite user by email" field. In this case, the user password can be managed by the administrator.

You can create as many users as you have purchased under the license. 

add users

How to change a user license

You can assign each user one of three types of user licenses (office user, intranet user, or guest). You can change user licenses up to the number you have purchased in your subscription. If you exceed the number of licenses you have purchased, the system will guide you through the purchase process.

You can also leave a user without an assigned license. If a user does not have an assigned license, they will not be able to log in to the system. You can use this option when you do not want to delete a user, but you either do not want them to log in (for example, an employee you have terminated) or you do not want to pay for licenses anymore. 

change user's license

How to assign or change a user's role

The role is key to what the user can see and do in the system.

Each user can have one or more roles.

How to delete a user

 As an administrator, you can delete a user. Again, this can be done in the "Administration" section and under the "Users" tab. Select the user account to delete in the top right corner under the three horizontal dots icon.

delete user

How to reset a password

For security reasons, even as an administrator, you cannot see or access the user's password. You can only change the user's password by:

  • Generate a new password automatically and send it to the user's email
  • Manually set a new password and communicate it to the user in another way