How to create a user group

Last updated: 2021-06-22
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This article is intended for administrators who can sort users into user groups.

What groups are for

Groups are distribution lists that help you bulk enter multiple employees (or other users) assigned to a group so that you don't have to enter them one by one. Instead, you enter the group. You can use this, for example, on the wall or when distributing directives. If you want to group employees by their job title, use roles or job titles. 

user group settings

Where to use user groups

Distributing directives via user groups

Groups allow you to sort employees for easier distribution of directives within your company.

Entering information on the wall

Additionally, you'll appreciate user groups when you're setting up a new task, note, or posting on the wall. Here, you no longer have to add each employee manually but simply add the entire user group.

How to create a user group

  1. Go to the administration and the "Users" tab
  2. Click on "Groups" and then "+ New User Group"
  3. Fill in the name and confirm by clicking on "Save"
  4. Assign users to the group
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