Recommended requirements on computer

Last updated: 2022-07-26
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What do you need to use Aptien?

Although we strive to keep the application running smoothly on different platforms, operating systems, and browsers, non-standard configurations, old versions, or installed extensions can change the way the application works. The application is also primarily optimized to run on personal computers, and it may happen that on devices with lower resolution or without a keyboard (tablets and phones), the ease of use will be reduced.

Recommended web browsers

  • Recommended browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge 
  • Not recommended browsers: Internet Explorer

Recommended browser settings

  • You need to have JavaScript and Cookies support enabled (most of you normally have this enabled)

Recommended operating systems

  • Windows 10 +   
  • macOS 10 + 
  • iOS 11.x +
  • Android 8.x + 

Recommended monitor resolution

  • Full HD (1920×1080) and higher