Top 10 employee requests

Last updated: 2024-03-09

What are employee requests

During employment employees raising various types of inquiries, needs, requests and submissions. It encompasses a broad range of requests to HR, IT, facility or to the manager including service requests, incident reports, leave requests, and more. 

Employee requests encompasses a broad range of inquiries:

Service Requests

  • These are typically non-urgent, routine requests made by employees.
  • They can include things like ordering office supplies, requesting IT assistance, or booking meeting rooms. Service requests are often submitted to specific departments such as HR, IT, or facilities.

Equipment Requests

  • When employees need new work equipment (e.g., laptops, phones, ergonomic chairs), they submit equipment requests.
  • Facilities or IT departments usually handle these.

Incident Reports

  • When employees encounter issues or problems, they can submit incident reports.
  • These might relate to technical glitches, equipment malfunctions, or security breaches. Incident reports help track and address unexpected events promptly.

Leave Requests

  • Employees submit leave requests when they need time off for vacation, illness, or personal reasons.
  • HR typically handles these requests, ensuring compliance with company policies.

Expense Reimbursement Requests

  • Employees seek reimbursement for business-related expenses, such as travel costs, meals, or supplies.
  • Finance or accounting departments manage these requests.

Training Requests

  • Employees who want to attend workshops, seminars, or training sessions submit training requests.
  • HR or the learning and development team handles these.

Authorization and Access Requests

  • Employees seeking approval for access, permissions or specific actions (e.g., keys, entrance cards, account access, accessing confidential data) submit authorization requests.
  • These go through relevant channels (e.g., managers, IT, or legal).

Change Requests

  • Employees may request changes to existing processes, systems, or policies. For example, if an employee needs access to a new software tool, they would submit a change request.
  • These requests often go through IT or relevant departments.

Policy Clarifications

  • Sometimes employees need clarification on company policies or procedures.
  • These inquiries can be considered as requests for policy information.

Performance Feedback Requests

  • Employees may request feedback on their performance, either informally or as part of performance reviews.
  • These requests are often directed to managers or HR.

List of 10 most common employee requests 

  1. Requirements for the work equipment
  2. Leave requests or other time off(HR)
  3. Equipment request  
  4. Fixing a computer malfunction or changing or resetting a password
  5. Employee request for reimbursement of expenses (finance)
  6. Purchase request (finance)
  7. Request for personal work equipment
  8. Request for training or personal development
  9. Access to personnel file(s)
  10. Requesting authorization of documents