How to work with the calendar

Last updated: 2022-03-02
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What is the calendar used for?

Your calendar can be found in the left menu below your photo. The calendar shows all your minutes from meetings and appointments. You will also find all tasks that have a set deadline in the calendar, regardless of whether you are the responsible person or the person following up. In the basic settings, the calendar is displayed in the classic way, i.e. always a summary of the activities in a given month. Events are marked in red and tasks in yellow. Your watchdogs are marked in green. The calendar allows you to switch to a monthly, weekly or agenda overview. 

You can create an entry or create a new task straight from the calendar.

Important: The calendar is your private calendar and none of your colleagues have access to it and therefore cannot see it.

Calendar sharing

Need to connect your calendar in Aptien to your current calendar on your computer, phone or tablet? Or do you need to connect your existing business calendar to this calendar? You can share individual sections in your calendar - tasks, watchdogs and events. 

How to share the calendar I have in Aptien

Click on the three dots in the row of the calendar you want to share. You will get a unique URL to connect to in another calendar tool. Copy this unique URL and use it in another tool. 

Do you use calendar clients from Apple? Follow these instructions.

Do you use Microsoft calendar clients? Follow these instructions.

How to connect my current calendar to Aptien

Click on the green plus next to the heading "Other calendars". In your current calendar, generate a unique URL link to paste into our dialog box and click "Save".

In case you want to add your Google calendar to the Aptien solution. In the calendar settings on Google, select "Settings and Sharing" and then copy the link that is listed under "Secret iCal format address". Then paste this address into Aptien.

Important: The speed of synchronizing calendar events is not dependent on the Aptien solution, but on the calendar clients you use.

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