How to create digital handover form

Last updated: 2022-08-09
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Use the action button to create a digital assignment protocol

You create digital handover logs using action buttons that can be set by your administrator. As this is an act of handover that has its own legal weight (for example, handing over a company car to an employee), it must be made clear who in the company is authorised to hand over the item and only this user is authorised to run the digital handover log. Therefore, a specific handover protocol is limited to a specific role.

How can a digital handover protocol be created?

You always create protocols from the records of the item you want to transfer or issue. So, for example, you create handover protocols for computers from the computer records. 

As an Aptien administrator, you can add or change handover protocols to any records.

  1. Select the record for which you want to set up the transfer
  2. Go to the register settings by clicking on the edit pencil
  3. Open the "Action Buttons" tab
  4. Select "Add new action button" and select the handover action you want to implement

Handover log against the user

  • Assign to user - means to assign or release an item to a user, for example, to release a laptop to an employee
  • Remove to user - means to remove an item from a user, for example to take back a laptop from an employee 

Digital transfer protocols for moving between storage locations

  • Stack - the action button moves the item to the selected storage location, for example, to accept new laptops into IT 
  • Unstore - means to remove an item from storage, for example to discard unused old phones
  • Transfer between storages - means to reassign an item between two storages, for example to transfer equipment from building to building