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Asset Management


Boost your productivity and manage the full asset life cycle. With Aptien asset management solution, you can even automate preventive maintenance tasks, keep all documentation and relax your mind, thanks to automatic notifications.

Try limitless asset management and maintenance, a concierge solution that works for you, today.

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Phenomenal Fixed Asset Control

Whether you need to track or maintain tools, office equipment, machines, cars, computers, or buildings, our all-in-one platform makes asset management and maintenance effortless. 

Outlandishly Organized Assets

Create and link assets with individual employees, small teams, or whole departments seamlessly.

Fabulously Facilitated Assets

Enjoy the full functionality of traditional CMMS & EAM systems without the complexity or limitations.

Magnificently Managed Assets

Track warranties, licenses, certificates, service intervals, insurance renewals, and much more.
Used by teams across every industry

Goodbye Excel Spreadsheets. Hello Aptien

Wherever you are, whatever detail you need, it’s at your fingertips, instantly. Asset management has never been so powerful.
  • Central Asset Repository
  • Accessible Anywhere
  • Customized Notifications
  • Complete CMMS/ EAM
  • Movable / Immovable Property
  • Reminders and Alerts
  • Warranties & Services
  • Licenses & Certificates
  • Keys & Entrance Cards
  • Policy Compliance
  • Unlimited Attachments
  • Limitless Assets

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Assets Aligned

Looking for the ultimate asset maintenance and management tool, where everything from hole punches to houses is unified and simplified? You found it.

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Choose number of asset managers.

From 100% free to fully customized enterprise-level solutions.
Flexible plans for every need, and every budget.

Choose seats number:
Price per 1 user
Records limit
Staff requests
Handover protocols
Organizational structure
Employee training planning
Policies and procedures
Maintenance planning
Customizable print forms

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30 GB
50 000
personal support
Total per month and
Enterprise Premium
/ month
10 000
100 GB
100 000
personal support
Total per month and
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Looking for more?

Manage more than just your assets. Our online platform simplifies your business admin and management. Including these key areas:

Asset Management for Small Business Reimagined

If your assets are going AWOL, or your spreadsheets are split across an uncountable number of versions, it’s time to transform the way you work! Simple, powerful, and effective. Welcome to asset maintenance like never before.

Aptien Asset Management Software is a simple solution that helps you manage any type of asset, keep related maintenance records, and set reminders on planned maintenance, inspections, or calibrations.  

One source of truth for all your assets and work equipment

Keep everything in one place. It is impossible to remember all information about your assets, like the exact date when that asset was purchased, its serial number or related insurance contract.  With Aptien Asset management software you get one source of truth in a central database for all asset related information over the whole life-cycle from the purchase up to its retirement. 

Important documentation

Ensure important documents are not lost, damaged, or even stolen. Aptien allows attachment of all types of document related to the asset directly where its needed and not lost on some shared drive or filing cabinet. Include manuals, instructions, maintenance documents, or images connected directly to the asset.

Stay on top of asset inspections, maintenance, and calibrations

With our automatic reminders; calibrations, updates, inspections or other planned maintenance activities is a breeze. Schedule all maintenance activities whether one off or regular using our activity plans. Get timely reminders and see upcoming events using our calendar. For all maintenance activities or inspections, you keep a record in one environment. All activities are automatically connected with the concerned asset. 

Any type of asset

Whatever you need, with Aptien you can manage any type of asset or work equipment

  • IT equipment
  • Devices/machinery
  • Small appliances
  • Furniture
  • Mobiles & computers

Asset assignments and checkout

With digital assignment forms allow employees to record their assignment or when they return it. Use the status to schedule operations efficiently. Know exactly who has what, when they got it, and when they give it back.

Streamline your asset management processes

  • Complete asset history list
  • Asset images 
  • Related manuals, instructions, certificates or protocols
  • Entire asset lifecycle (Purchase history, maintenance, inspections, cleaning or repairs history, disposal) 
  • Automatic reminders on planned inspections, calibration, updates, or maintenance

Who is this for?

Aptien asset management system offers a highly flexible, configurable, affordable, and transformative back-office solution for small, medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. 

Work Smarter

With our revolutionary platform, one login, accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, gives you seamless access to asset records and assignments, policy compliance, renewals, service history, license expiry, and more.

Not Harder

Eliminate emails, scrap spreadsheets, and remove random paperwork. Welcome to a new world of office admin. Welcome to a new world of Asset Maintenance and Management.
let's recap

Key Features of Asset Management Software

  • Central Asset Repository
  • Accessible From Anywhere
  • Customized Notifications
  • Complete CMMS / EAM
  • Manage Movable & Immovable Property
  • Unlimited Reminders & Alerts
  • Full Automated Audit Control
  • Licenses, Certificates & Warranties
  • Key & Entrance Card Management
  • Policy Creation and Compliance
  • Unlimited Attachments & Notes
  • Limitless Number of Assets

Ready to get started to manage your assets? Have questions?

Time to remove the tedium of office work and mulch the mountains of paperwork. Take the first step to a more productive way of working today.