What is a job (or a Position)

Last updated: 2023-09-17
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Job, position

A job (or job position) is a position in an organizational structure in which a specific person, worker, employee works. It defines his or her specific role in the organization, in particular the job description, responsibilities, the location in the company structure, and the requirements for what the person should know, be able to do, or be equipped with for the job.  

A person joins an organization in a specific job which is specified in his or her contract of employment. It is therefore also an important concept in the employment relationship.  

What is the difference between a job and a position?

  • In common practice, these two concepts are confused and not distinguished
HR professionals sometimes differentiate these two terms by saying that a position arises and ceases with a specific person who works in it, and a job is permanent and exists before the arrival (vacant position) and exists after the departure of a specific worker until it is filled by someone else .

Job position is intended to be occupied by an employee

A job position only makes sense if it is occupied by one or more employees working on the same job position. The company need somewhere to describe what these people are supposed to do, what they are supposed to be able to do, or what they are supposed to be equipped with for their work, and that's exactly what a job description is for.

  • In smaller companies and organizations, each employee has their own individual job position
  • Individual jobs are typically held by managers, because their role in the company is individual
  • In larger companies, one job position is occupied by several people, typically this refers to blue collar (where job duties are identical)
  • For HR professionals, shared job description and specification, make the work much easier
  • The bigger the team and the whole company, the more shared job positions are

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Job position occupied by an employee

How to describe the job position?

A job clearly defined in particular by the job duties and responsibilities, by the location in the company structure, the job required qualification, equipment requirements and other resources needed.

  • The job description (Job Description) describes the range of responsibilities and powers that the worker performs
  • Location describes placement in an organizational structure or location
  • The qualification describes the prerequisites for the worker's performance in the given workplace (professional qualification, health prerequisites)
  • Requirements and equipment lists what the worker must be equipped with
  • Health and safety risks contain a description of the risks associated with the performance of work

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What is job specifiaction

What you use the job position for?

You can use the jobs for

  • creation of job description, job duties and responsibilities
  • planning training and employee development, medical examinations and other requirements for the worker