How to use Job Positions Organizer

Last updated: 2023-07-31
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Job positions and their descriptions overview in your company

This Organizer is part of Organizational management and is available to the Administrator only (in the BETA version).

Use this Organizer to create and manage job position descriptions. A job position is, for example, an office manager, accountant, or plumber. You can assign one or more employees to each job position, and each employee can have one job position only

Record information for each job position:

  • Basic job position description
  • Who is working in the job position
  • The place of the job position in the organizational structure - select superior or subordinate positions
  • Job description
  • Qualification requirements
  • Additional job position requirements
  • Safety and health risks of the job position

The job position records are an important place for you to define the job requirements, which you can then use during employee onboarding, their further development, as well as for monitoring the fulfilment of those requirements during their employment. You can easily enter and define requirements and needs for each job position. You can also define education needs and requirements. Thanks to that, you can plan educational activities - training and certificates - and set up automatic reminders. 

You select the requirements from the catalog of requirements that you manage separately. Everything you enter in the catalog of requirements you can select in the job positions Organizer. 

how to describe a job in Aptien

How to use, name and create jobs?

Every company's situation is a little different, so you first need to establish a methodology for how you will approach job creation. If you are a larger organization and have multiple employees doing the same job, then you will create universal job titles and assign specific employees to them. The job titles will then also be universal, for example, Accountant, Driver.

If you are a smaller company and/or have different requirements for each worker and therefore a specific job title then simply create a job title for each worker separately. In this case, we recommend adding the name of the specific employee to the job title as the job, its job description and requirements will be highly individual. 

Basic information

Here is the basic job description, this is also where you assign a specific employee (or employees), as the professional guarantor of the job.

Job title

This is where you specify which organizational unit (department) the job belongs to, what the supervisor, subordinate and deputy job titles are. Here you also specify the place of work.

Job title

Here you have the option to describe the job description of the job using text, as well as its responsibilities. If you have created a list and description of processes, you can automatically create a job description by assigning specific processes from your process catalog. If you don't have one, you have to make do with a verbal description. 

Benefits and financial conditions

Enter the salary conditions or other benefits of this job here.

Eligibility requirements

Use the eligibility requirements to complete the prerequisites and requirements you require for the specific job. You have the option to add experience requirements, minimum qualifications, skills and medical eligibility.

Practical requirements for the job

This is where you fill in what you need the person in the job to have issued in practice, i.e. job aids and so on. Again, you can either fill in the practical requirements for the job in text or use the job requirements catalog, in which you first define the individual requirements and then apply them here. 

Health and safety risks

Add here any information that relates to the safety or health risks of the specific job.

How to create and edit jobs

As a HR professional, you see "Organization Settings" in your main menu. In it, select the "Job positions" tab.

  1. Click on "Add new job position" to add another position
  2. Click on a job to edit it
  3. Use the trash can icon to delete the position
  4. Use the box icon to archive the job. This means that it will no longer be available to new employees. As long as you have workers assigned to it, it will work.
Job positions catalog

Deleting and archiving job positions

  • Job positions that are not used yet (are not connected to any employee) can be deleted.
  • Jobs that are already used can only be archived (for reasons of history track).