How to issue a key to an employee

Last updated: 2023-09-21
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How to issue a key to an employee

When a new employee joins your company, you need to hand over, issue or entrust a key from the office or a workplace. Also, at any time during the employment, you need to have proof of handing over a new key. During offboarding the returning of the key is very important, the question being security.

In such situations you can use two ways to issue the key 

  • either a printed paper handover form
  • or you use a digital transfer protocol for issuing, handing over or entrusting the key to an employee.

Since the transfer of a key can only be done by a person authorized to do so, it is necessary to set the transfer only to a specific role.

How to issue a key to the employee

If you want to use digital check-in for key issuance process, see how to set it up.