How to use the Keys Organizer

Last updated: 2022-02-28
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Keys overview in your company

This organizer is intended for office managers, asset managers, or any similar employee responsible for keeping record of keys and its assignment to employees. Aptien has history logbooks for each key, and you can always find who had which key and when and what they could access. You can use this Organizer if you need to meet the safety requirements of ISO 27000, as you will get proof and an audit trail from a safety perspective. It can be used both during and after an employment relationship, because information of who has what key is easy to trace and document.

Keys organizer

Detailed information on every key in the company

You keep basic information for each key:

  • Acquisition - information about the supplier and manufacturer of the key
  • Which door the key is for - doors that can be unlocked with the key
  • Which room the key is for - the room or area where the key gives access to the key holder
  • Who uses the key - the employee who is assigned the key
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