How to use Training courses organizer

Last updated: 2022-05-05
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Training overview in your company

This Organizer is made for training overview your company organizes or orders. If you constantly work on employee education in your company, you will feel at home. This Organizer will contain all your training that you organize within your company or even the ones you order for your employees.

Record information for each training: 

  • The training date
  • Participants
  • Coordinator
  • The training provider
  • The training type
  • The training content

All organizational information for the training in one place

When you organize training, you have all the tasks for the training together. If you are the one who orders and arranges the training, you can manage all the tasks related to the specific training from here.

Just click on the tasks tab for the selected training and you can enter the tasks there and you will also see all the tasks associated with the specific training.

If you need to make a note that you can directly attach to the training, you can do that in the "Minutes" tab. 

How to attach a list of training participants

In principle, you have two options. Either you attach the participants as a name list to the "Training participants" detail from the employee list. So you can add each participant by name.

This is more laborious, but you will appreciate later that you will have a clear indication for each employee which training sessions he/she has attended.

The other option is to include a list of training participants as an attachment, and it doesn't matter if it's an Excel sheet or a scan of the attendance list. You attach it as an attachment to the specific training.

Training courses organizer