Training Manager Job Description

Last updated: 2024-04-24
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Training Manager (sometimes Education Manager, Training Coordinator) is responsible for coordination, developing and facilitating employee training programs for companies. They are HR specialists who help businesses with training of employees. 

Training Manager job description, duties and responsibilities

  • identify, assess and monitor training needs and gaps of a business
  • design, facilitate, plan and implement training programs
  • organizing trainings and education events
  • design, plan and implement training policies, processes and procedures
  • implementing training strategy of the company, training and development plans
  • assessing necessary skills of employees and jobs
  • assessing training methods and trainers
  • collaborates with training vendors
  • assessing the skills, performance, and productivity of employees 
  • researching new training methods and materials that can increase value to employees
  • communicating with management to ensure that all needs are met
  • conducting orientation programs and coordinating training for new hires during onboarding process

What is available to you as a training manager at Aptien

You organise training and educational events using active organizer

As a training manager, you use the course organizer and/or training organizer to organise training events and maintain all information around training and education. In them, you have all the information around training events in the company and can completely organize and coordinate activities around them:

  • assign and manage tasks related to the ordering and organization of training events
  • you attach notes around each training event
  • you attach documents such as training materials, forms or attendance sheets
Organization of educational events

Planning employee training and development

In close cooperation with the HR manager, you also plan the training of individual employees on the employee's personal card.

  • development and training plans for each employee
  • list of compulsory training required by the job

See how to assign training to an employee (link TBD).

Planning employee training

You confirm completed training courses

Completion of individual training, instructional training, online or on-the-job training for individual employees are confirmed by you as manager on the basis of the documents you receive from the employees. The second option is to have the employee to confirm that he or she has completed the training activity.

You see the reality of who graduated what

It is important not only to plan everything correctly, but also to have an overview of reality. Who has done what and what kind of that's still to come in terms of their personal development plan.