How to setup notifications for changes in Organizers

Last updated: 2022-02-28
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Only the administrators can change these settings. An ordinary user cannot change it.

Notifications - changes in an Organizer

This notification is used when you need a specific user to be notified of changes in an Organizer. This means the user is notified every time any other user makes any change in the Organizer. Changes in documents, attachments, or connections do not count. 

You can use this kind of notification if you need control of all the changes in the Organizer. Keep in mind that if you set this notification up for an Organizer where changes are made frequently, the user will be overwhelmed with notifications. We recommend you to use this only for Organizers to check all the changes, for example, the Employees Organizer.

Keep in mind that the administrator has the power over this, so the user cannot turn these notifications on or off either intentionally or unintentionally. The user cannot turn these notifications off.

The set user receives a notification every time any other user changes any value of any detail in the Organizer.

How to set this up

The administrator can find the settings in the "Administrate" section in the "Datasheets" (Organizers) tab. Select the Organizer, scroll down, and click on "Notifications". Proceed by selecting the user and save. 

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