Mandatory details

Last updated: 2021-09-14
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What the mandatory fields are for 

If you need a certain detail from a given Organizer to be filled in when creating items, you mark such a field (detail) as mandatory. For example, if you want your employee's phone and email to be filled in when you create a new contact, in addition to their first and last name. In this case, you enable the phone and email fields to be mandatory, which will not allow you to create a new contact without the phone and email filled in. You can use the mandatory fields in the most detail formats and any Organizer. It is important to note that the feature will not check what the user has filled in but only enforces the filling in that detail. 

How to enable mandatory fields

Choose the Organizer where you need to fill in the details. Now select the details you want to make mandatory when creating a new entry and activate this option in the detail edit. 

From now on, you will see a red asterisk next to the mandatory details to indicate mandatory details. When creating a new item, you now need to fill in the fields marked. It is not possible to create an item without filling them in. Items that do not have their content filled in after activating this feature will get a red box. It is not possible to add or edit anything in the item without filling in the mandatory detail.

mandatory detail

What not to forget

Before you activate this feature, you need to check that the details you want to declare as mandatory are already filled in. If they are not, you may find yourself in a situation where you will not be able to make any changes to the item detail until you complete the mandatory fields. Therefore, to avoid this situation, we recommend using advanced filtering to find the details you want to declare as mandatory and check if they contain any values. If they do not, we recommend that you fill in these details.

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