What is the difference between a deleted item and an archived item

Last updated: 2021-09-16
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An archived item is hidden within the Organizer

When you archive a specific record (item), the archived item is not visible in the records’ standard display. You can use a filter to view archived items. Archiving an item is actually 'hiding' the item from the normal view, and it is a reversible process.

Therefore, if you choose to delete the item, the record will be entirely and wholly deleted without the possibility of re-inclusion in the Organizer.

archived item

When to archive a record

You will use archiving of a record whenever you currently do not need the record but may need it in the future. For example, when you finish a project, an employee leaves, termination of a contract, or sell a computer. Thanks to archiving, you can look back at a given record at any time, but, it will disappear from the current list of items in the given Organizer. Archived items can also be retrieved in the system, so if, for example, an employee returns, their documents can be recovered to the current list of items.

Why it is good to use archiving

Few things in a company last forever. Employees leave, orders are terminated, computers and mobile phones have a limited lifespan, contracts are terminated. It is similar to the record that you keep about these things in your own records. If you stop using a record in everyday life, such as a policy or mortgage that has expired but may need to refer to it in the future you put the documents away in a safe place. It is used for closing or hiding an item away just in case it will be needed in the future.

Therefore, the archived item is 'hidden'. 

When to delete a record

Delete records only in exceptional cases. For example, if you make a mistake or create a record more than once by accident. The ability to delete records is a high-level privilege, and usually, only the system administrator has this option.

Deleting an item is irreversible. Everything related to the deleted item (minutes, connections, documents, and other information) is also irreversibly deleted.

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