How to use folders for records

Last updated: 2021-10-21
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You can sort items in different ways. The most common way to add items is to organize them into a simple list by using categories. Another option is creating folders for items like you create folders and sort files on your computer. This is not as efficient as categories - it is more difficult to navigate through and requires more work. 

How to create a folder

Not all users may have access to folders. We recommend asking your administrator to check if all the roles can access folders in the Organizer (guide here).

  1. Click on the folder icon below the list of items
  2. Enter the folder's name and save
create folder

How to create an item in a folder

The process is the same as adding an item to a structured Organizer. Open the folder first and then click on the green "+" icon and add a new item.

add item

How to put items into a folder

First of all, you have to allow rearrangement of records. Add it by dragging an item into the folder.

  1. Click on the three dots to open a menu
  2. Allow rearrangement
  3. Drag and drop the item
  4. Open the three dots menu again and deny rearrangement
allow rearrangement