Last updated: 2021-10-11
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Connections lets you interlink information between Organizers

Connections (links) lets you interlink information between your Organizers. They become useful when you need to know links of certain information, such as what work tools an employee has or what contracts you have signed with a particular supplier. You can interlink information from any two Organizers in the system.

By interlinking your Organizers, you keep information together

Thanks to Connections, you will have an Option to interlink information across the system and, therefore, connect information. For example, you can see all the tools an employee has right next to them without copying data from a different Organizer. It eliminates tracing back information. 

Example from everyday life: An employee is leaving the company. Thanks to connections, you will find what passwords they know, which mobile phone or keys they were given. You will also see all the contracts they signed and what property they managed. 


  • Interlink a project (from Projects Organizer) with all employees who are working on the project (from Employees Organizer) 
  • Interlink employees (Employees Organizer) with all the contracts that they signed (Contracts Organizer)
  • Interlink keys (Keys Organizer) with an employee who received them (Employees Organizer)
  • Interlink a password for alarm disablement (Passwords Organizer) with the property it is connected to (Properties Organizer)
  • Interlink insurance contract (Contracts Organizer) with the property it is connected to (Assets Organizer)
  • And much more

Where can you see Connections?

Every item contains the tab Connections.

  1. Open a given Organizer, the one where you have information about the item, which you wish to interconnect 
  2. Click on the item from the list on the left side, by doing so; you will open the item’s details
  3. Open the tab Connections on the item; you will see all the connections to this item that are in the system sorted by Organizers (into which or from which they are interlinked) 

You can clearly see all the connections that lead from one item you viewed. The overview of the links is listed by Organizers into which they lead. The number in brackets shows the number of connections to or from the Organizer (next to the Organizer). These connections can be viewed by clicking on the triangle icon on the Organizer’s left side. Connections include this information (from the left):

  • Type of connection: in case it is assigned, you can see it above the blue arrow. The type of connection is either given by the item’s detail, from which the connection was automatically created or manually during connection creation. The administrator will set your options. The connection might also be general, in which case, there is no text above the blue arrow
  • Date, when was/will the connection be activated (the date of the creation)
  • Date, when will the connection be de-activated (in case it was entered)
  • Name of the item to which the connection was created
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