What are management processes

Last updated: 2024-02-08
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Management processes are all processes and activities in the company, the subject of which is the running and functioning of the organization, the company as a whole. They include all processes and activities carried out by managers at all levels of management in companies.

This includes all managerial activities from strategic planning to operational management and everything related to it. Their purpose is to ensure the interests of the organization's owners. Management processes include in particular:

Company management processes

Other processes in the company

Aside management processes, every organization and company also has

Who is responsible for the management processes

  • Management processes take place at all levels of management - top, middle and lower management
  • Depending on the size of the company, they are divided into individual levels of management
  • Operations management processes concern middle and lower management
  • Each manager, except for the assigned area, always manages his team
management processes on different levels

How Aptien helps with business management

Aptien as an organizational software helps with a variety of areas, mainly people management, managerial HR, asset management, contract and policy management or project and task management. Companies use it for strategic management as well as for managing day-to-day tasks, work, projects, people management and HR, and for managing work equipment, machines and devices.

Strategic management

Management of operations, work and tasks

Risk Management, Compliance and Governance (GRC)

Project Management

Human Resource Management

Work and task management

Asset management and administration

Supplier management

Quality and safety management

  • Process management according to ISO 27001
  • Security management according to NIS2
  • Management system according to ISO 9001