What are support processes

Last updated: 2024-01-18
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Support processes are those processes of the organization, the purpose of which is to support the core processes of the organization, and enable the overall smooth running of the organization

  • They are all activities and processes that enable the core processes to function
  • Supporting processes provide all the resources to enable the organization to function
  • These are the processes in the back office of the company
  • Along with the core and management processes, these are the third major group of processes

What are the supporting processes?

Support processes are all processes that enable a company to provide its services or products. Just because they aren't called main or core doesn't mean they aren't important. On the contrary, no company could exist and function without them. Every process in the company has a purpose, and the purpose of supporting processes is to ensure the smooth running of the main processes that create value. The subject of support processes is therefore the care of employees, the management of finances, IT, work equipment and the work environment, so it is practical to divide them into the following areas.

what are support business processes

Examples of support processes in an organization

  • Bookkeeping, accounting
  • Payroll processing
  • Recruitment of new employees
  • Maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • Building management & maintenance
  • Issuing work equipment to employees
  • Supplier selection
  • Purchasing processes
  • Cybersecurity management