Workspace for office workers & managers

Office screen layout

The left side menu is one of the most important parts in Aptien, followed by your favorite Organizers where you keep ... more

Home page layout for managers and administrative workers

You can find a lot of useful buttons and functions on your Home Page. more

Notifications in the office

Find out what you can find on the inbox page here more

Calendar Page

In this article, you'll find out what you'll find on the calendar page. more

Approvals Page

Here you find out what the Employee Approval page is and how to use it. more

Task dashboard

On this page you will find out what the task dashboard is and what you will find here. more

Watchdogs overview page

On this page you will find out what you can find on the watchdog overview page. more

Reports Page

In this article you will learn what the reports page is and what it contains. more

Policy Management Portal

In this article you earn what you can find on the policy management portal - documents and procedures page and where ... more

Wall (Message Board)

Use the Message Board to post and communicate with your employees like you would in a social network group. more


Use notes to record your ideas and share them with your colleagues. more

Tasks layout

Tasks help with management within the company, and they are very dynamic. more

Item layout

The item layout contains a lot of useful buttons. more

Activities layout

Activities keep track of everything you do within the system. more

Adding a new field layout

You have a lot of options while creating a new field. more

About me, my information

Find out what each user's personal page is here. more

Employee directory

The Employee Directory contains the contact information of your colleagues. more

Home Page of office workers & managers

Any user can customize their home page to their liking. more

Organizer layout

The Organizer is one of the main components of Aptien, and its workspace contains a lot of useful buttons and functions. more