What is mission critical

Last updated: 2024-01-20
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Mission critical means that it is absolutely necessary for the functioning and survival of the organization. It can be a system, data, technology, service or people.

  • In case of unavailability, failure or interruption of a mission-critical element, the entire operation of the organization is threatened or halt
  • The failure of a mission critical asset can bring an organization to a standstill or destroy it
  • Mission critical assets must be protected in the highest possible way

What can be mission critical for an organization?

As mission critical, it can be for anything that stops or cripples the functioning of the organization. It can be

  • delivered service
  • application, software, system
  • device, equipment, machine
  • data
  • operation technology
  • specific worker
  • anything else critical for the company

An example of mission critical elements

  • electricity supply
  • Internet connection
  • customer data
  • application source code
  • a specific worker with specific knowledge
  • control centre