How to make employee adaptation plan

Last updated: 2024-02-19
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This article is intended for HR managers and people responsible for the employee adaptation process.

Planning of employee adaptation

A well structured and managed adaptation process is essential for both employer and employee.  Aptien makes the coordination of an employee adaptation process easier by helping you plan and confirm all employee training and adaptation activities. 

    • setting up an adaptation plan for each employee 
    • confirming the completion of adaptation activities

    Adaptation plan for each employee  

    You can create an adaptation plan for different jobs or for each employee individually. When you create your adaptation plan, you set up individual adaptation and training sessions in one of three options:

    • individual activity only for a selected employee
    • activity for all employees in the selected job position
    • activities common to all employees

    Activities during adaptation are typically one-time, not repeating.

    Confirmation of activities during adaptation

    Once the adaptation plan is set, you can confirm the completion of the adaptation activity for each employee, i.e. that the employee has completed the training. The adaptation plan serves as a checklist to make sure you haven't forgotten anything important. 

    • When confirming, you can comment on how and where and you can also attach proof of completion.
    • This is typically a scanned confirmation, photo or some certificate of completion of training.
    • All documents are automatically available filed in the employee's personnel file 

    What the employee adaptation plans will do 

    Automatic monitoring of periodic training - The system takes care of automatic reminders for supervisors and employees when training needs to be repeated. This frees your hands from tedious excel tracking.

      • Automatic monitoring of the adaptation activities
      • Creation of individual adaptation plans
      • Confirmation of activities during adaptation

      Learn the steps how to create an employee adaptation plan.