Users and persmissions

How to setup an employee directory

In this article you will learn how to set up an employee directory more

How the access and permission system works

Access to information is based on your job title in the company and assigned role. more

How to add a new user

Invite your colleague to Aptien and send them an invitation that shows up in their email. more

How to assign a role to a user

The user works in the system based on the assigned role. more

How to create new role

How to create or create a new role if the standard roles are not enough. more

How to change role settings

Learn how to change the role settings in this article. more

How to setup intranet user

You can allow an intranet user to view multiple applications. more

How to add a new guest

A guest is added similarly as you would add a normal user, except you share specific items, tasks, and other things w... more

How access to Organizers works

Access to Organizers is based on your assigned role in Aptien, which an administrator sets up according to your job t... more

How to set permissions on activity plans.

In this article, you will learn how to set permissions on activity plans. more

How to set permissions to the groups of details

Learn how to set permission on detail groups here more

How to manage access and permission - attachments

Manage access rights to attachments or attachment folders more

How to limit access to all items

Use item access restriction when you want to give users access only to items that they create. more

How access to Tasks works

Only the responsible and following users can access the task because tasks are not public. more

How to enable or disable sharing of information with guests

Set up information sharing with guests, invite them to the extranet environment and avoid emails more

How to set access to category

You can only give users access to certain categories, so this is an additional level of permission more

Employee role

The employee is one of the basic roles in the system. more

How to change your password

You can change your password in your settings. more

General manager, CEO

CEO or General manager is one of the basic roles in the Aptien system. more

HR manager role

The HR manager is one of the basic roles in the Aptien system, managing all HR records. more

How to reset a forgotten password

In case you have forgotten your login password, you can ask your administrator or use the Forgotten password button o... more

How to add multiple users

You don't have to add users one at a time, but you can add several at once. more