Medical devices management

Last updated: 2024-06-28
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This article is for clinical engineers or other medical specialists.

What is medical equipment?

Medical equipment are defined as medical devices requiring calibration, maintenance, repair, user training and decommissioning – activities usually managed by clinical engineers.

Overview of medical equipment and devices

  • In this organizer you manage all your medical devices,
  • you have their central repository here and you keep the information you need for each individual device
  • Information and documents on the acquisition of a medical device
  • Records of calibration, revisions and other maintenance performed for each device
  • Device operation log
  • All medical device documentation

How does Aptien help you with medical device management?

Central overview of medical devices and the documentation

  • Information about medical devices
  • Information about purchasing the device and its warranty
  • Information about service, BTK and server support
  • Manuals, Declaration of Conformity

Medical device maintenance and operational log

  • Keeping an operating log of medical devices
  • Monitoring device warranty dates
  • Keeping an operational log of maintenance and all service interventions
  • Reporting problems and malfunctions on the device