How to use Work Orders Organizer

Last updated: 2023-08-24
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Order management from request to delivery

This record is intended primarily for such contracts where it is necessary to manage and coordinate the work of people and to have contract documentation in one place, i.e. for contracts in the supply of professional services (IT, engineering, production, construction). It is used by those who are in charge of managing and coordinating work on orders.

  • It includes all activities from the moment the customer submits an inquiry to its delivery, handover and closing
  • Will allow you to keep and attach all documents
  • Will enable monitoring of all possible contract dates
  • Will enable the creation of order handover protocols
contract phase in the contract register

What Work Orders Organizer allows you to do

You keep what you need for each job and manage your work on it using tasks. For deadlines and tasks, you continuously monitor their fulfillment and you can also change statuses. You keep the order documentation in attachments in one place so that it is accessible to all people involved in the order. You keep minutes of meetings or notes from activities, both your internal and meetings with customers or suppliers, directly, for each order. In the team tab, you have an overview of all the people working on the order. You can monitor the key dates on the order with the help of watch dogs

  • Keeping an overview of all orders in the company
  • Saving the request or procurement documentation
  • Contacts to people working on the order
  • Tasks and management of contract work
  • Keeping records and all activities related to the order
  • Monitoring contract deadlines
  • Custom documentation and its sharing across the team
  • Managing contract suppliers and sharing documents with them
  • Print custom sheets using printable forms
Work orders organizer

What can you edit in the Work Orders Organizer?

Don't like the default settings? Thanks to the flexibility of Aptien, you can customize many things to your liking.

  • Edit the information related to the order
  • Change order statuses
  • Edit directories for job attachments
  • Edit order acceptance form
  • Edit the order submission form
  • Add additional print forms automatically generated from orders