How to turn on policy compliance training

Last updated: 2022-03-03
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What is the policy compliance training

Policy compliance training is a simple page that gives the company an overview of employees’ engagement with documents. Typically, the types of documents are directives, legislation, safety regulations, workflows, and policies, but there are also instructions and many others. The company and each employee can see which documents have been already read and which ones still need to be reviewed. 

policies page

How to turn on policy compliance training

The policy compliance training page is only available for the Company plan and above. If you have a Free or Team plan, you must first upgrade to the Company plan.

You can set up access to this page for each Role. It is available for both Office and Intranet users. Therefore, if you want your employees to see the page, you must have the following set up for all Roles:

policies for employees

How to turn on policy management for a Policies Manager

A Policies Manager creates distribution lists. There is at least one Policies Manager in a company.

Each Policies Manager needs to have the following set-up in the Role section:

distribution lists management

Then you’ll see in the menu Policies Management.

distribution lists page