How to take end-to-end project meeting minutes

Last updated: 2024-04-23
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End-to-end project meetings

On a project, there are many negotiations with the customer, with suppliers or meetings of the internal project team. Results - the final conclusions, decisions or tasks sometimes must be formally taken as evidence and basis for later follow-up activities or decisions.

Keeping project meeting minutes is easy. In Aptien project manager, you have the ability to keep all your project activities in the form of brief minutes that are connected with the project as well as all project meeting participants (if they have permission). Each minute is automatically linked to the project and its participants, and you can also see it in the calendar. It's easy to keep track of. You don't have to think about where to save it, the system does it for you.   

  • What types of project activities you can keep
  • Personal meeting or negotiation
  • A phone call related to the project
  • Email communication 
  • Online project meeting
  • any other project activity you need to record