How to start using Watchdogs for important dates

Last updated: 2021-09-17
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This guide will show you how to set up a specific watchdog that alerts you 30 days before a details date entry.

Where to find Watchdogs

Go to the Organizer where you want to set up a Watchdog and open any item. Find the detail with the "Date" format and click the dog icon to the right of it. Press the "Set new watchdog" button.

watchdog by the detail

The Watchdog settings

Fill in the name of the Watchdog based on its purpose. For example, you can name it "Contract expiration alert" for detail "Date of expiration".

Select "based on the value" in the "My watchdog watches for" section and replace "contains" with "_ Days before entered date". Follow it by entering the number 30 in the field. This makes sure you get the notification 30 days before the entered date.

In the "My watchdog watches over" section, select "all items in the datasheet".

Save everything in the bottom right corner.

You can change the Watchdog settings anytime in the "Watchdogs" tab available from the left menu.

watchdog settings
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