How to collaborate in hybrid workplace

Last updated: 2023-11-16
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What is a hybrid workplace

A hybrid workplace or team means that some people work from the office and some people work from home or anywhere. It's a fashionable and modern term that has spread a lot during the covid crisis. This way of working brings with it many challenges - in terms of how to handle such situations staff-wise, technically, motivation-wise or how to connect people in such teams in practical collaboration. 

Aptien is not a solution for all the aspects of hybrid teams, but it will certainly help in hybrid team collaboration. 

hybrid workplace

How to support hybrid workplace collaboration

Collaboration between people working remotely requires various tools and technologies to help people communicate , share information and work regardless of their distance. Video conferencing solves part of the issue - but far from all of it, because people need to work, not just talk. How specifically will Aptien help with hybrid collaboration? 

Cooperation on tasks

  • Tasks that replace inefficient email communication make it easier for people to collaborate, coordinate and manage their work.
  • Just like when you send an email to someone asking for something, commenting on something, or asking them to do something, you use tasks in the same way in Aptinen.
  • You can link tasks to your minutes of meetings and meetings. 

Shared meeting minutes 

  • Talking via video call is nice, but facts need to be recorded using minutes or follow-up tasks.
  • Aptien makes it easy to create and share minutes of your meetings, and you don't have to send them anywhere - they're available online to all members of your hybrid team. 

Share information online in one environment

  • Information stored in records can be easily shared.