How manager can view employee's personnel file

Last updated: 2024-03-05

Viewing an employee's personnel file

The personnel file (employee record), can be viewed by personnel officers or superiors (managers, senior employees) who are set up to do so in the organizational structure. The employee themselves have the right to view their personnel file as part of their self-service.

This allows the manager to have information at hand that will facilitate the management of employees, to have all digital online information at hand without having to request information from the Human Resources or Personnel department.

  • Training and development
  • Recruitment
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Performance management
  • Organization
  • Engagement and retention
  • Safety and wellness

What can a manager see about their subordinates?

  • Direct supervisors and managers have the right to inspect the personnel files of their subordinates or team members
  • They often have special access so that they only see what they have authorized access to
  • They can also update documents and other information and share it securely through a folder with another person or employee
  • It also includes all requisitions, tasks, and subordinates' workloads

Preview personnel folders of subordinate people

  • From the list, you can simply click through to the personnel file of each of your subordinates, without having to ask your HR department for information
  • You will be shown a detailed employee record with information that you are allowed to see as a supervisor
  • You can immediately see current information and documents online

Approving requests from subordinates

  • If you are set as a direct supervisor in the request, the request will be automatically directed to you
  • The system automatically selects a direct supervisor (manager) if it is set in the requisition
  • As a manager, you approve the requests of your subordinates
  • You can see all requests in the Approvals menu

Managing the development of people in the team

As a senior manager, you see your team in the system. For each of your direct subordinates, you can then see information from their personnel file and can communicate with them more easily. In particular:

  • you plan and manage activities during the onboarding process of adapting a new employee
  • you plan and manage the personal development of the worker, you see their training plans, their personal development plans
  • you can see what work equipment they have, when they were issued and when it will expire