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Last updated: 2024-02-19
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This article is intended for HR managers, it describes the employee's personnel file as seen by the HR manager or supervisor.

The personnel file contains an overview of all information about an employee 

The employee personnel file is the basis for personnel work, and only the HR Management can see it as a part of the Employees Organizer or by the employees supervisor for his/her team. It contains all the essential information you keep about the employee. It also includes any enrolment and other onboarding or development activities for that particular employee. The file gives you an overview of the employee's information with easy and intuitive editing of their personal details, information and lists of contracts, terms, and assets. 

  • Each employee then sees their information in employee self-service on their "About Me" page.
  • You have several options for creating and updating information in your employee's personal record
employee record

Documents in the employee's personnel file

In the personnel folder, you can also see and keep other documents and attachments for each employee in clearly arranged folders, which you can also edit according to the needs and practices of your company. In the basic setup, you have the following folders for documents:

  • Employment contracts - where you keep copies of contracts
  • Benefits - here you can attach payrolls or other reimbursements
  • Personal certificates - here you can attach various certificates and diplomas
  • Resume - here you can store the employee's Resume (CV)
Documents in employee record

All employee connections in one place

On the Connections tab, you can see all the content related to the employee, such as the issued work tools, the contracts or projects they are working on, which processes or assets they are responsible for, and so on.   

Overview of the employee's work equipment

Every employee needs certain equipment to do his/her job, depending on his/her job classification. An office worker needs a computer and access to company applications, while a production worker needs protective work equipment, various tools, instruments or other equipment.

  • For a particular employee's record, you can see the work equipment or tools issued, entrusted or assigned
  • Each employee can see their information in their personnel file
  • Automate the handover and issue of work tools, assets and other equipment with digital handover
  • You can check the actual status with an inventory of entrusted assets
  • You can also use a paper handover, but then you won't see the current status
Connections in employee personnel file

Requirements for work equipment

  • The worker's equipment requirements are part of their job description
  • The job description describes what the employee should have for the job

Conducting personal assessment interviews with employees

You can also keep employee evaluation interviews or minutes of other activities with employees on the employee's personnel file. You keep these in the form of minutes and, unless you specify otherwise, only you and the employee can see the minutes.

Minutes and events in employee personnel file

Overview of tasks related to the employee

On the employee personnel file you can solve tasks related to the employee, tasks can be part of personal development planning or preparation of documents between accounts and HR.

Tasks on the employee personnel file

Notes by the employee

You can keep private and shared notes for each employee. For example, write down suggestions for work anniversary gifts or information about an employee's interests.

Notes on the employee personnel file

Onboarding planning and personal development of employees

On each employee's personnel file, you plan and confirm all activities around the employee's onboarding, personal development, medical check-ups, or even offboarding (termination). Thanks to automated notification processes, you won't miss any obligations.

Activites and training on the employee personnel file