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Last updated: 2021-07-01
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Take a look at where you work and where to find things within Aptien.

You can find information for your work in the left-hand side menu

The left menu is your anchoring point. You will find all the important pieces of information for your work there. In the Inbox, you will find alerts from the system. In the Tasks overview, you will find all of your tasks and the tasks you are in as a follower. You will find information for yourself only and information available for the entire company in the left menu.

Your workspace

Your workspace is named by your job title or by the role you have in the system. After you click on this "role name" you can see the dashboard in the middle of the screen. This dashboard you can set up by your personal needs. You can see your favorite organizers, history, What's hot, and so on.  If you have more than one role in the Aptien, you can set up a unique dashboard for any of them. Switching between roles is available by clicking on the "role name". 

All information you need in one place

  • Inbox - all important information comes to this place. For example, your tasks, information from the watchdog, messages from other users, or system information.
  • Calendar - in the calendar are shown events, terms, appointments, notes. You can add your outside calendar, for example "google calendar" to have all information in one place
  • Notes  - here are your notes. In Aptien, you can have personal notes, or you can share them with selected users.
  • Tasks - a place for managing your tasks. Tasks are clearly organized in columns by his state. For example, "To do", "Doing" ...
  • Activities - in this place, you can find the history of all you have done on the system. For example, if you added a comment to some task or note, deleted something, added a record ... 
  • Watchdogs - here, you can see all of your active watchdogs. You can sort them, customize them or switch them off. 
  • Favorites  - if you have favorites items and mark them in any organizer by the star, this is the place where you can find them all together.

Information for the entire company

  • Wall - you will find shared information on the wall that is meant for the whole company in the form of posts
  • Colleagues - you will find the overview of your colleagues and their contact information here

Your user settings

In the upper part of the left menu next to your profile picture, you can change your user settings. You can:

  • Change your profile picture
  • Změnit heslo Change password
  • Your datasheet settings
  • Change your personal settings for watchdogs and tasks

Under the picture and your name, you can switch the role you work in within the system and, with it, change the workspace.

left menu

You switch between Organizers in the top part

In the top part of the page, you see tabs with colored text, and that is the list of your favorite Organizers. Above it, you can find the magnifying glass icon that opens a search field when clicked on, a notification bell, a chat notification bubble, and other elements.

 The top bar contains the usual icons you are used to from social networks, for example. You can log out, see your notifications or open the search field. Let's take a look at it:

  • The search field allows you to search within the entire system - you can search through tasks, Organizers, minutes, or notes from anywhere
  • The bubble for chat notifications
  • The bell for any other new notifications (you can view their history in the Inbox tax)
  • Languages - switch between languages if you turned them on; if you did not turn them on, you have only one language available
  • Log out - allows you to log out from the system
  • Arrows - hides or displays the Organizers bar
favorite organizers and other

You can see other users on the right side

You can see all your coworkers that are also using the system in the right bar. You can see if they are online or not. You can text anybody, and this message is always private, and others cannot see it. If someone messages you and you are not logged in, you receive a notification.

If you message one of your offline colleagues, they receive a notification about the message.


You work in the middle

You can see all the information in the middle of the screen. This part of the screen changes based on your location within Aptien (tasks, activities, calendar, Organizers, etc.).

the middle of the screen
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