Maintenance scheduling

Last updated: 2021-11-22
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Maintenance is an important aspect of ensuring an asset remains in a workable and safe condition. This can apply to almost any asset from a handheld electric drill right up to sophisticated technology in a laboratory. Maintenance involves all activities relating to providing an adequate level of service and limiting down time of that asset. The ultimate goal of maintenance is reliability and safety. But it can and does save valuable time and money from potential breakdowns or failures.

Categories of maintenance

Maintenance includes but is not limited to the following activities:

  • Cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Service
  • Calibration
  • Repair
  • Software updating
  • Refurbishment
  • Performance monitoring

Preventative and corrective maintenance

Preventive maintenance is scheduled according to the type of equipment, obviously the more complicated the device or machine the more maintenance will be involved. A risk assessment will assess the key factors involved in maintaining an asset. Corrective maintenance should be reduced if there is an effective preventative maintenance strategy. Unfortunately faults or failures will occur with almost any type of asset, it is essential that when these events occur that they are corrected effectively and efficiently.

Maintenance scheduling

Maintenance should be considered even before purchasing equipment to ensure that once in use it stays in optimum working condition, and this should include appropriate finance to cover the costs. Manufacturers may provide suggested maintenance activities and programs. Legislation or regulations may encompass maintenance, such as electrical safety testing, and it is your responsibility to comply with them. A maintenance schedule should show who, what, and when maintenance is carried out.

Maintenance plans

Maintenance plans are used to create and monitor individual maintenance activities in your maintenance schedule on assets, machines, equipment, etc. They combine to plan the work over a given period of time, when it should be done and who should do it.

How to add your schedule in Aptien

  1. Go to the "Assets" organizer and choose your asset for maintenance
  2. Open the "Maintenance Schedule" tab
  3. Press "+ Add maintenance type"
  4. Name the type of maintenance to be done, eg Annual service, then press "Save"
  5. Press "+ Add maintenance schedule"
  6. Input the date of maintenance, notification interval, any note, & who will be notified. Press "Save"

Having built up all the maintenance operations for your asset and frequencies you will have a schedule of maintenance with reminders set for when things need to be carried out.

Computerised maintenance management system (CMMS)

A computer maintenance management system will support  teams in providing a maintenance program. They should show what is to be done and what has been done. Having a system that can provide adequate records and reports for auditing is essential to comply with any regulations and may be required in the case of a failure or event.