What is digital handover form

Last updated: 2024-01-04
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The digital handover form facilitates the electronic transfer of property or other things. You can use it for anything you run in Aptien

  • Handing over work equipment such as computers, mobiles, keys, access cards
  • Handing over personal protective work equipment
  • Also machines, devices, offices or any other object
The transfer protocol serves as proof that the property was transferred, when and to whom. It is proof that the transferor has transferred the property to the recipient and that the recipient has accepted the property.

  • The confirmation is done electronically on any mobile phone and no special equipment is needed.
  • With Aptien, you can easily create handover forms for anything you have in your records.
  • If the process requires paper submission, use automatic printing of the printed handover protocol.
digital handover protocol

How to create a digital handover form?

You can easily set the digital handover using the action buttons. See how here.